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        Season the mayor rate by letter committee, director liu zhu director to our research

        發布日期:2016-03-30    瀏覽次數:3119

         At about 3 PM on March 9, 2016, under the leadership of the mayor of season, the letter committee, director liu zhu, director of a line of three phase of the project to our research and the problems encountered in the development of photovoltaic industry in zhuhai, the future development and the ma on shan photovoltaic industry association representing the depth of communication and discussion. Delegates have maanshan photovoltaic industry association, harmony photoelectric technology co., LTD., chairman of Mr Xu-dong liang, harmony photoelectric technology co., LTD. General manager Mr Kang jian, maanshan photovoltaic industry association secretary-general, harmony photoelectric technology co., LTD., deputy chief engineer, Mr Xiang dong.he ZeRun photoelectric he-sheng Chen, general manager of Mr, too when the core light factory in China such as photoelectric enterprise Li Youqun.

        Lasted for three hours the whole research process is divided into two parts, the first part of the research group for harmony photoelectric phase iii project of one project one discussion, for the second part research group of photoelectric enterprise representative questions and Suggestions to discuss ma on shan photovoltaic industry development in the future.

        Research in the first part, by the chairman Mr Xu-dong liang report to the mayor of season harmony harmony development and strategic planning in the future. Liang dong from macroscopic aspects summarized the development of photovoltaic industry, said he believed the LED the technology has been the world's recognition and attention, first the Nobel Prize in physics is the only national scientific and technological progress first prize this year given associated with the LED technology. But academic and market two concepts, at present our country's optoelectronic industry are in a "clean house" stage, LED lighting from blue ocean into the red sea battlefield, product sales price has dropped to the marginal cost, natural selection has become the vane of industry over the past two years. The result of the competition will lead to enterprise survive less than ten. So on the one hand, harmony needs to continue steady expansion of blue chip market, white before completing the industry reshuffle to squeeze into the top, guarantee the stability of earnings. Harmony on the other hand also need to seek new projects, high value-added high RunDian purple light chip (UVA, UVB and UVC) at this time because of its higher than profit value of blue and white chip one hundred times in the sights of harmony, with high technical content, generates high barriers to entry for many enterprises awe, this is undoubtedly LED a blue ocean of the market. In order to master the technology, take the lead in this piece of blue ocean market, the company top after several negotiations, decided to spend 150 million yuan this year acquired in deep ultraviolet agriculture more than a decade of Qingdao Jason electric co., LTD. Help from Jason electric technology in deep ultraviolet strength, coupled with our industrialization and capital advantage harmony has become the first and the only one domestic production uv LED chip suppliers. Uv LED chip broke through the traditional LED chip as mere lighting and display applications, to extend the application of the chip to biological, medical, household appliances, health, and many other industries. Harmony since 2013 layout, goal to become the nation's first three full color LED chip suppliers. Company in 2013 for the price of 100 million yuan to buy the jiangxi pingxiang farce can companies (including 80 million jiangxi government subsidies, the actual purchase price is 20 million) when the company has 6 sets of MOCVD equipment, after more than two years the development of increased to 22 sets of MOCVD equipment and its supporting chip production line, can produce epitaxial wafer, chip 1.2 million pieces. Now ma on shan the department has the machine 11 units, including one for uv LED chip research and development and production. Companies are now ready to three periods of investment projects, a total investment of 120 million yuan. Harmony with xuzhou there after many negotiations, prepared with the original value of 425 million yuan, 80 million yuan to purchase 11 MOCVD equipment and its supporting chip production equipment, 20 million for the existing building and clean room to decorate, the remaining 20 million for transformation and upgrading of the old equipment TianPingBuJi and liquidity. At present we are renting the equipment, no one more than we are familiar with the equipment, we have the confidence to win these equipment, ready to transfer the equipment to ma on shan centre, in ma on shan rock. After the completion of the project is expected to increase production capacity: epitaxial wafer, chip 1.2 million pieces per year. Now the government of jiangxi province give many preferential policies to hope harmony will be transferred to jiangxi the third phase of construction. Harmony headquarters in ma on shan, management, technology, sales, in ma on shan, and company executives and shareholders also tend to invest the third phase of ma on shan, has been under consideration, company executives hope ma on shan government can also issued some policies, let harmony firmly rooted in ma on shan, ma on shan, construction to develop the confidence of the ma on shan. Three harmony will continue to expand the downstream end of the period, master the production technology of the LED the whole industry chain, the farther downstream products of output will be doubled. Harmony will also gradually from the transformation become B2C, B2B directly in the face of consumers to establish their own independent brands, to control the pricing power along their own hands. The whole LED the standardization of the market constantly, also gradually from upstream to downstream industry standard penetration, the current market competition and its tragic, three years ago, one can sell for 400 yuan, now can only sell for less than 200 yuan, the company production of expanded several times, but declining sales and profits. At the end of last year is the bottom of the industry, harmony maintained a walked to come over, harmony would like to make a beautiful turnaround this year, into an asset acquisition, expansion!

        Liu after hearing reports, it is pointed out that now of the condition of a photoelectric industry similar to Moore's law of semiconductor industry, constantly improve performance, prices are falling at a rapid pace. Harmony, as the representative of the maanshan photoelectric enterprise development has been rooted in ma on shan, in extreme cases, the environment and industry market pressure upstream, give full play to the enterprise the spirit of tenacious struggle, don't abandon don't boast about. Ma on shan city government and related leaders have been focus on photovoltaic industry development has been the photovoltaic industry as a key support one of the object in the city. Ma on shan city in recent years introduced a plan, set up direct funds to support maanshan industrial development, especially for harmony, with a batch of strategic emerging industries.

        Continued, director liu, first financial aspects of the government to set up direct funds and public policy incentives, guide the scale to be controlled in 1 billion yuan of funds, divided into industry guide and direct funds, two kinds of operating funds adopt equity participation, in addition to included in the listed companies of the reward 2 million yuan, these shall be the responsibility of the finance office. Second industry support, the government organization development and reform commission (NDRC), the letter committee, technology bureau, bureau of finance and other departments jointly issued maanshan economic plan. Main policy: in view of the strategic emerging industry loan interest subsidies, research and development equipment, senior housing subsidies and tax breaks, national and provincial research aptitude reward, employee training subsidy and so on, compared with the jiangxi's policy in addition to the subsidies policy for purchasing local products other than basic subsidy levels of jiangxi province, about the subsidy policy because the anhui province government does not support to local protection can consider to give enterprise implementation of compensation in other form. Then, director liu learned in our company for a year again after 12 million electricity consumption of electricity supply, suggest that we take the form of direct power supply reduction around 30% of the electricity it will help enterprises, that he will return and development and reform commission (NDRC), power supply bureau and other related dept to implement.

        First in harmony after special investigation, mayor of season, director of the liu, director zhu on the beginning of the second symposium of maanshan photoelectric industry entrepreneurs. ZeRun photoelectric Chen li, too when the core of light, of PE photoelectric liu, guo total vitelic photoelectric and extension of captopril photoelectric always attend the meeting.

        ZeRun Chen first made a report, the research group of ZeRun photoelectric is a company engaged in LED packaging industry, in the LED industry chain of middle and lower reaches, 15 years of LED downstream terminal market momentum is good, the growth rate from 20% to 30%, ZeRun by reasonable management production and sales of sales income more than 8000, is currently hiring workers more than 200 people. Chen introduced to upstream gradually standardized, scale, as the LED chip downstream businesses, fractionizing industry, since 2015, the company implements the product segmentation, at present the main panel lights, products are mainly exported, mainly for big brands such as schneider, osram contract. Next year, the company will be the brand terminal in Germany, a Hero, the downstream extension to terminal market, planning to form their own brands.

        The next too li core light when reporting to the investigators. Li introduced to too when the core is red, yellow, semiconductor LED light is a company specializing in the production and research and development of the company. 15 years company for larger changes in the pattern will be in Beijing too when the core light headquarters moved to ma on shan, the first half of the company is mainly to complete relocation debugging, formally put into production to achieve the sales income 70 million, the second half of a loss of 8.4 million, 16 years in the company 6 machine will be full of all the sales target is expected to reach 150 million yuan to profitability goals. He believes that the future development of LED products will no longer be dominated by smooth effect, the quality and safety of light will be increasingly prominent, because of the components of red light are the three primary colors, by improving the quality of the RGB to achieve light is a effective means, red chip market will gradually expand in the future. Ten years ago LED the market's 10 red, 1 blue, with the promotion of phosphor technology, blue yellow phosphor daub be formed after the principal means of white light blue LED chip market rise rapidly. Although at present by blue chip of the light source of white light is relatively inferior, but blu-ray with its advantage of low cost and easy production in a short period of time other light source is hard to shake it the white light lighting market, the demand of red and yellow light is small, but the market is gradually opening and the added value of red yellow blue green is higher and the current domestic besides three Ann photoelectric and dried according to the photoelectric can do red yellow light is only too. 16 years in the company ready to rock, on the one hand, research and development of transparent substrate epitaxial achieve double light efficiency growth, on the other hand, a stable extension, chip production business. But at present, the company turnover funds more nervous, bank loan and guarantee company, head of the personal funds do, so I hope the government can coordinate and smooth.

        Then vitelic photoelectric guo total, the total extension of captopril photoelectric stone, yi liu also reflect the different level of relevant departments to handle affairs efficiency and small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult question. Want the government to resolve the problems, hope the government at the same time corresponding policies, to help enterprises to develop, more hope the government can help enterprises to participate some of the municipal construction of the project, to promote local development of photovoltaic industry.

        Mayor, after hearing all corporate reporting season made important summary. Season the mayor pointed out:

        1. Now the city photoelectric industry overall situation is "a bright future, road", the problem such as financing, counterpart departments efficiency, the government will do our best to solve for a specific item, will arrange the specific personnel for enterprises to carry out door-to-door service.

        2. For the photovoltaic industry development of our city, the government and the competent department for news often is relatively lag, as companies get first-hand information from the market come on. Hope that companies can give the government some good policy advice, help the policy of the government to more close to the market, also in order to promote the city healthy and orderly development of photovoltaic industry.

        3. The city photoelectric enterprise has almost covers all of the LED industry chain, so I hope more contact between each enterprise, form the team to complete technical research, to do as well as exchange, more support, more broadly, complementary advantages. Don't do yu heap cements, both born to do both yoga and bright!

        Last season also said the mayor, photoelectric industry as big a part of the electronic information industry, the industrial transformation has been the city's important development goals and support object, the policy won't change! So I hope everybody present boss together with the government to ma on shan photovoltaic industry development 

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